Saturday, August 30, 2008

Favorite Reality TV Shows

Ok so I have been really busy but I am back with my favorites!! You all know I LOVE reality TV so much that it is a little scary. So here they are

1.Jon & Kate plus 8
Love this show with all the little kids running around makes my house feel like a haven!

2.Little People Big World
I really like this show but I am sad because I think they are done hmm???

3.Any Home show
I love them all Extreme Makeover home edition, House Hunters,House Hunters International,Property Ladder, Property Virgins, and Hidden Potential

4.Tori and Dean
I loved INN love and I love Home Sweet Hollywood. Many of you I know probably hate it but I love it and Nathan makes fun of me because I cried at like most of the episodes!

5.Real World
I have to say that I did stop watching it for a while there but I did like this last season. Hey I am from the generation when it all started I still remember New York!

6.America's Best Dance Crew
I love this show! I mostly loved the first season but the second was good too. I love the crazy moves they do.

7.P-Diddy's Making the Band
Nathan and I love this show. The music brings me back to the old school days of Boyz II Men. This new season is great so far.

8.The Hills
Every episode I see the more I am convinced that it is scripted reality t0 but I do not care I love the drama!

9.Runs House
This is another one that Nathan will watch with me and I love it. Just to get a peek into others lives is great

10. Deadliest Catch
This is my most favorite of all. I do not know why I like to watch a bunch of grungy men catch crab but I do and I want the new season to start soon!!

There are many more but seriously this blog would be way too long. I know you are all thinking when does she have time to watch all of these but some replay in the night and since I never sleep I watch them then or On-Demand has some too!!

School Daze

I can not believe that Jordan is already going into 1st grade! I knew that once Kindergarten started these years would go by fast and they are. On Wednesday we went to the school and waited with all the other kids to see who Jordan's teacher is for 1st grade. She has been saying all summer that she thinks that Mrs. Kotula will be her teacher and I just kept saying well we will have to see. Well she had the teacher that she wanted and she is so excited. We then went to Target and my mom bought her any backpack that she wanted and of course she picked out a Hannah Montana bag (which I have to admit is pretty cool!!). And since Mariana is also going to school she picked out a really cute littlest pet shop monkey bag that says "you drive me bananas" how fitting is that! So on Tuesday is Jordan's first day and Nathan and I will bring her to school to let her off. I am sad I thought that only Kindergarten would be hard but this is just as hard. Knowing that I am letting my child into someone else's hands for more hours a day than I have her scares me.
I am very excited though to be back into a routine. For the last three weeks the girls have been going to bed by 8pm to get back and it (I have to admit) is very nice. By 930pm all the kids are usually out cold and we can enjoy our night again. For my friends that have only 1 little one that is still in the baby stage it comes quick very quick. I know you hear it and it does not seem like it will when your day is consumed by diaper changes and saying "no" one million times but before you know your first born is in kindergarten and you will be calling me crying lol!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

A cry out to all the Mom's out there

I have three kids and have been a mom for 6 1/2 years and I come across my fair share of advice both wanted and UNwanted. I have gotten those looks because of my discipline choices or my kids bed times. I have gotten the reasons why my kids should not watch certain shows or movies and I have been told that I need to stop nursing my child because he is old enough. I know that I am not alone here I know this because I have friends who are always telling me that they too get the same unwanted advice.
Well I am saying ENOUGH is ENOUGH! We are all moms here which in itself can be very difficult at times so the last we need is to feel judged about how we are doing it. We need to be lifting each other up not breaking each other down.
The next time you see a child throwing a temper tantrum in the middle of the store because they can't have something and you look at your 1 child who is not yet 1 years old remember yours too will at one point no matter how "perfect" they are will do the same so instead of a disapproving glance or saying my child will never do that give a glance of support and say a prayer for that mother.
The next time you see a Mom with her three kids running around her not listening do not think I would never let my child get a way with that instead pray that that mom can get the strength to get through and lean on God for the crazy times of being a mom.
The next time your friend who is a working mom confides in you with how stressed out she is instead of thinking well you should not be working anyways remember that some people HAVE to work or GOD has called them to do his work so pray that God show them the blessings around them and to give the burden to him.
Lets encourage and pray for each other instead of gossiping and thinking you could do things better. Lets lend a hand or an ear to help each other out. Lets give a supporting glance instead of a judgmental one.
AND remember if you say "My child will never do that" IT is a GUARANTEE that your child WILL DO THAT!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

America as we know it

I was up watching the Democratic National Conference hopefully like everyone else out there. This election process has left me drained and unsure. I remember my first time voting when I had just graduated High School I was so excited to be taking part in it. I was taught that I could not complain about where our country was going if I did not take part in the decisions. I fully believe that even now. Then I voted for Al Gore and I was so disappointed that Bush won. The next year I voted for Bush once I knew more about politics and the issues at hand. I truly believe that he was the right candidate for the moment and I know that there are MANY people out there that completely disagree with me and that's why America is so great we are all entitled to our own opinion and views. I am completely lost at who to vote for come November. I know my values and beliefs and I know that the majority of those are the views of a Republican but I do not think that it is John McCain. I am really tired of him responding to every question and/or concern with the same response that we have to remember that he was a prisoner of war. I have compassion for him on that but please can you answer the question at hand. I am unsure of Barack Obama because he is new to all of this but man what a change he could bring to our Country. If he was elected our country would be making history and I think how amazing to tell my grand kids I remember that year when things changed.
I watched the WHOLE convention on CNN and it was for the most part very boring not at all like I remember past conventions. I did enjoy Michelle Obama's speech and at first I joked like oh because Barack had a single mom I will vote for him or because he "has" the same values as me (as she said he does so he must right?) I will vote for him but at the end I had this feeling that she will be the next first lady. It is that feeling like when you first meet someone and you know that they are involved in something big or that something big is going to happen to them. I just have this feeling that this Country is ready for a change and the change is going to be Barack Obama.
I still do not know what to do..Do I go against my beliefs or do I just vote independent? I am not asking for you to tell me what to do but how are you feeling? Are you confident with the Republican Candidate? I am having a hard time trusting any political figure right now! I guess all I can do is pray pray pray for our Country that no matter who is elected that God protect our Country and keep it on his path the way that it was founded way before we were even here!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Day in the life of us

So last night we went to bed early so we could go to church today. I read in the bulletin that today was GLOW day at church (they had black lights everywhere so the kids needed to wear white) so Jordan and I made sure that she had all white on so she would GLOW lots!! We got out the door at 10am (our family summit at church starts at 1030). We were so excited to be out of the house on time actually early and were finally going to make family summit. Well that's where it ends half way there Nathan realizes that he does not have his cell phone, which would not be a problem since we turn it off in church anyway,but where his phone is his wallet is. So we turn around to go back realizing on the way that neither of us have our house keys on us. We get home and it is 1030 so okay we missed family summit but we can still shoot for church at 1100 right? WRONG! Nathan has to kick in the back door to get in and then spent 45 minutes re nailing the door frame. So needless to say it was 1115 by the time he was done.
I was really mad at first and I do not know who I was mad at because it was not my fault nor Nathan's but why could we not make it to church. The one time we are early to get there and we still do not get there. Then I just decided I am not going to be so mad at circumstances that can not be changed and let it ruin my day. So we took the kids to McDonald's to play and then met Nathan's parents after to get Sammy's hair cut. Later my brother came over and the kids played in the pool. It turned out to be a good day!!

Sammy is looking for the rest of his band mates

When we first found out we were having a boy the fist thing Nathan said was" Now I get to take him to the Barber shop"! If you know my husband you know how important his hair is with a trip to his barber at least 2-3 times a month this was exciting for him. Their first real father-son bonding. We have been growing his hair out and get so many comments from people that his hair is too long but we were doing it on purpose so that his first hair cut would be major. He has a little Mohawk and it looks so cute! He went to Sam Style II in Clinton Township were Nathan has been going since High School and Albert did a really good job. Sammy sat on Nathan's lap and sat very still. I took lots of pics from the side line and collected his little locks for his baby book! I can not believe how big he is getting it has all gone by so fast. Now he is our little Rocker Man and ready to learn the guitar!!

Before and he was a little unsure of Albert coming at him with clippers

At the restaurant afterwards flirting with all the waitresses!!

Back at home with his new little Mohawk!! He is such a little cutie pie!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

On my mind again

Our kids were sick for most of the winter and spring and we had a hard time getting back into the routine of getting back to Church. Which makes me sad because since when is having fellowship with our church family hard to schedule in?? I love my church but more I love God and those he has used in our lives along the way which has become like family to us. God tells us how important it is to be gathered in fellowship with two or more no matter the building but we are to be worshiping him with fellow believers.
I struggled at first in my walk with Christ because I did not feel like I fit in I felt like I had to have the right clothes or the right attitude or even had to clean up my act before I went to church! I then found Rockpointe which I knew I was right at home when I walked in and saw everyone mostly in jeans and the occasional youth with spiky hair, and mismatch clothes and chains and then I walked into the sanctuary and saw the pastor who everyone just called by his FIRST NAME (what!!) and he too was wearing jeans and a very casual shirt! I was greeted by so many people but not in a we are going to bombard you with questions and then tell you that you can not come here because of things that you are doing.
Since then I have made wonderful friends with men and women some are the closest relationships I have had in my life and I don't mean with just one or two I mean I am very close with twenty to thirty! You may think that is an exaggeration but it is not I have shared many ups and downs in our life. These are people that when I was struggling with some past demons they did not hesitate to wrap their arms around me and pray. Or in the night when I was having a miscarriage praying with me. Or when Nathan came out with his addiction the first time with pain meds they helped him break the news to me and prayed with us and called us every night and offered free counseling. Or when I found out I was pregnant missing church and rushing over to our house that was a half hour away and lifting my spirits.
All that to say why then was I feeling like I would not fit in again after being gone from church for so long? Every Sunday when we make it,right away we are greeted with those all familiar smiles and pulled aside to see how we were (not in a how come you have not been here way).
I love my church and our church family but most of all I know that when I am obedient God smiles on us too. He loves to his children in fellowship. I know that on the days that I do not make it God is not disappointed in me but just wants me to be surrounded by his children. So if you think about it pray that this weekend we can make it. No sick kids so far and no sick adults either (no need to knock on wood I know that is not how God works but I am anyways lol). So if you are there look for us if not we will be looking for you.

Favorite Comedy Movies sure to make at least me pee

I love movies that make me laugh! So between movies that make me cry and movies that make me laugh you can tell I am a very emotional person. There are so many to choose from and I hope I do not leave any out.

*WARNING*: Not all of these movies are how can I say it ones that I would want to watch with Jesus. I hate to say it I am already feeling you all judging me just for saying it. So here it goes...

1.Old School
I love Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughn so this one was a great one. Love the ear muffs and Will Ferrell streaking.

2.Death at a Funeral
I love British comedy and this one was a shocker for sure. Nathan and I were just trying to find something to watch one night and rented this thinking it was only the previews that were funny! I was totally wrong it cracked me up through the whole thing I mean LOUD laughter where there were a couple of times I think I did pee.

3.Monty Python and the Holy Grail
I loved this movie the first time I saw it and every time I see it I hear something new that cracks me up

4.Tommy Boy
Who did not love this movie. In Jr. High school my friend Andrea and I knew it by heart and would randomly quote it.

5.Happy Gilmore, Big Daddy, and Billy Madison
Love these movies and as I write this I am realizing it has been awhile since I saw them. Time to bring out the videos lol

6.What about Bob?
When I was younger my dad had this movie and I think I saw it over 20 times I love it. I think because I saw a little of myself in BOB hmmmm

7.Office Space
I love the scene of them smashing the office equipment who has ever worked in an office and not want to do that??

8.Meet the Parents and Meet the Fockers
I love both of these movies though I think the first was the best. I love Ben Stiller and he was great in this movie

9.Dumb & Dumber
Another one that I had memorized growing up.

10.The 40 year old virgin
Steve Carrell is awesome and this movie was hilarious

So there are way more for sure and hopefully some of you are not thinking "Wow Mariana is not who I thought she was" but if you are you are entitled to your opinion but this is MY blog so too bad lol!!


It is very late and I am still up I can not go to sleep and when this happens I search the web. I tend to obsess about things this late at night. I have been searching for information about someone from my past. I am keeping this kind of vague because well because I want to. I finally retyped things a little differently and not only did I find the info but a picture that at first I could not breathe. After a couple of minutes I felt sadness for this person and that is how I know that I have forgiven. When you can feel sadness for a person who really hurt you, that alone is GOD! I now feel a little better and feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders I was concerned for my family and I know that Nathan was for certain reasons and what I read told me that I do not need to be not only because it will be many many years but because God is on my side!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Favorite "I am definetly going to cry" Movies

Here is my list of movies that make me cry and most of these I have seen three or four times. I love to cry why you ask? Because it is refreshing so if you know of any really good ones that are not on my list please tell me.

1. Beaches
I love this movie and I think I have seen it over 20 times!

For sure this movie gets me every time and Nathan laughs at me every time.

I love love love this movie. I think Tom Hanks was awesome in this movie. He pulled off playing a character that was not only gay but was dying of AIDS when not many people were accepting of this type of character.

I love Ben Affleck and this movie was great. I loved the father/daughter relationship that Bruce Willis and Liv Tyler had that alone would make me cry.

5.Note Book
Ok I know this was on my Romance list but it makes me cry too!

6.A Walk to Remember
Which again was on the first list but I cry every time but I have to say the book is WAY better

7.The Green Mile
This movie was hard to watch at first but I cried no I sobbed like a baby at the end. If you loved this movie you will love the book Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult same type of story line that too made me cry but it makes a different list

8.Pay it Forward
I know there are a lot of people who said that this movie was horrible but I loved it and the message behind it is awesome

9.The Guardian
So if you have read my past blogs you know that I love love Ashton Kutcher and this one is awesome. The ending caught me off guard which totally made me cry

And my final movie that is by far one that not only made me cry but at the end I was in awe that this act was willing done for me, ME. All of these other movies are (most of them) not any truth behind them and but this one is THE TRUTH and that is what makes it more amazing........

The Passion of the Christ
This movie from the start to the finish every time I see it makes me cry. I am amazed that Jesus did that for my sins and that his father God sacrificed his only son for ME. The first time I saw it I had to look away and then I made Nathan go back because how dare I look away. He did this for me and I need to always be aware of that and never take it for granted.

Judging those who judge

I was recently having a conversation with a friend who struggles with her beliefs her mother is catholic and her father is atheist. She struggles with a lot of different things one she said is judging. She said that she tries really hard to not judge but always finds herself doing it. We started talking about it and she said that she just has a hard time not getting mad at the girls who walk around in tiny little outfits just asking for attention. She has a hard time with same sex couples but does not judge those that are young moms or drug addicts. This proves the theory that judging comes from fear or not understanding those that you are judging.

I told her that she can not beat herself up but that those girls that are walking around like that 9 out 10 times it is because they are seeking a mans love because they did not get it right growing up and they think that by getting their attention sexually is love. I feel for those girls, I was one of them (sorry to the family that may read this and be shocked). The men and women who are in same sex relationships I still struggle with but I do not judge I talk it out with my good friend who helps me every conversation that we have to be more informed and i just continue to show love instead of hate. I told her that I used to judge others too until I started having a relationship with Christ. It was not until then that when I felt I was being judgmental I would pray that God would change my heart and help me to get past it. Every time he was faithful and I would be in a situation that I would have to deal with what I was judging.

I do not judge many people because I know what it feels like to feel judged. Many of you know my story but I have been through many things in my short life more than most who are three times my age and God has used me to show compassion to those that go through the same things that brought me shame and guilt. How awesome a God that he turns my sin that brought me to shame and guilt and uses it to help others.

Here is my struggle though with judging I have a problem with those that judge.
I get so angry when I see hate crimes against gay and lesbians it hurts my heart.
I get so angry at race crimes or even racial slurs it hurts my heart.
I get angry at the kid who is picked on in school just because he dresses different (when maybe that is all his parents can afford) it hurts my heart.
I feel for the 16 year old that is pregnant and does not know what choice to make because she does not know what people will think of her it hurts my heart.
I feel for the little girl who has been sexually abused and does not know if she can trust anyone with the truth because she has a past of telling lies it hurts my heart.
I realized writing this that it is not only my heart that hurts but my Heavenly father's as well.........

Monday, August 18, 2008

Devil in desguise

My little Mariana is my little Devil in disguise. She is always getting into things, she has since she was 9 months old. She was my child who played with her poop (and on many occasions even in daycare), she drew all over the walls with marker, and many more things. I love her to pieces and I know that she will be my creative one, my free spirit. But at the moment she can easily drive me crazy. Let me get to why I am blogging about my devil in disguise..........

Tonight after work I was making dinner while the girls were playing at the kitchen table when all of a sudden I smelled a horrible smell. I looked at Sammy who had a funny look on his face which only means one thing.........A VERY DIRTY diaper. So I left the girls to change Sammy (this was done very fast because I had dinner on the stove) it took me maybe 2 minutes no joke. I walked into the kitchen to wash my hands and finish dinner to find Mariana cutting (yes CUTTING) her hair. She had her kids scissors and was cutting away. She took a very BIG handful out of the side of her head. The shortest length is at her ear (Her hair now is past her shoulders) I freaked probably a bad mom moment and scared her. I then took a deep breath and called my good friend Stephanie who cuts hair and left her a message asking her to come and help tomorrow. If i even tried to fix this it would end up worse than what we started with. So tomorrow Steph will be here to fix Mariana's hair. She will have a little Bob (which nothing against them I swore my kids would not have).

Oh well I guess every family needs a little Devil My mom would agree since I was hers lol!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Favorite Romance Movies (no particular order)

Romance (I tried to put pictures but it for some reason did not work hmmmm???)

The Notebook
I Love this movie in fact this weekend it has been a Notebook Marathon on ABC family and I have watched it twice. Every time I watch this movie I cry, laugh, cry and then cry again.

A lot like Love
This is one of my all time favorites and it just so happens that Nathan and my song by Aqua lung is in this movie.

P.S. I love you
I had a hard time getting into this movie to start but after the first 15 minutes I loved it and I Sobbed through it. Also the scenes in Ireland are amazing and definitely makes me want to have a trip there.
Notting Hill
I love Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant so for sure this one is a favorite. I totally go for the accents!
Two Weeks Notice
Again Hugh Grant and I also love Sandra Bullock. I do not like the red head in this movie girls who push themselves onto men to get higher up make me sick.
Sliding Doors
I love love love this movie. Gwenneth Paltrow is great in love stories and this one is great because she totally rocks the British accent.

Untamed Heart
This is when I fell in love with Christian Slater and put posters of him all over my room and prayed for him with his pig heart lol!!
A Walk to Remember
I cry every time I see this movie and I do not care what people say about Mandy Moore's acting I think she did great and Shane West well you know.
Pretty Women
I should not have to say anything about this movie I think almost every women out there loves this love story. which leads me to................
Runaway Bride
I love this only because both Julia Roberts and Richard Gere are in it. I love the chemistry between them you really believe that they are really in love.
Anyways as you can tell I really like love stories. And this is not even half of them I bet I have seen most of them out there new,old,independent and all in between.

Friday, August 15, 2008

I do not think Michael Phelps is human??

On days that my kids are driving me crazy I sometimes dream about the days that I had only one child. There are times that I am praying my mom or MIL will call and ask to take the kids for the night so I can have some down time with my husband. I sometimes pray that someone wants to take my husband too for the night lol!!

Well part of my wish has come true. Jordan is at Nathan's mom house and Mariana is at my mom's house. I have only one child tonight and I am going crazy. I feel this void and instead of Nathan and I spending time vegging on the couch to watch a movie we are running around the house looking for things to do. Do not get me wrong it is nice to have some peace but I miss my little girls asking for water or an apple 20 times before crashing in bed. I have called to talk to Mariana at my mom's house earlier and she is having so much fun she went to Dairy Queen, helped the "old people" set up for the Italian picnic tomorrow, and was getting ready to have popcorn and watch a movie before bed. Nathan talked to Jordan and she went to Erma's for ice cream and was getting ready to watch a movie before bed. We miss them it is so funny. I am glad that my kids have grandparents to visit for the night to have those memories of sleepovers but I do not know how I will fall asleep with out kissing then good night..................

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Friends for life

Our friends from Pittsburgh are here visiting not only us but everyone that crossed paths with this amazing family through Rockpointe. It is a really great story how we became so close with them and it is even more amazing that even though they have moved back home to PA that we still are in contact with them.

When Mariana was just a baby Nathan was walking the halls of our church with her and came across another young looking guy with a little baby too. they started talking and somehow came to the topic that I was looking for someone to help us out with childcare since I was going to go back to work and that we had a little girl who was not yet two years old as well. Immediately this man said my wife is looking for a little something to do a couple days a week and we too have a little girl not yet two. They exchanged names and Nathan kind of forgot about it. A couple of weeks later I was still trying to figure things out when he remembered and said Oh the youth pastor Kent said his wife might be interested. So I called the church got their number and she said that it would definitely work out because she was hoping to have someone for her little girl Madelyn to play with. So for about 6 months Jordan went to Maddie's house to play and that was all she talked about.

They were so cute playing together and then playing with each other at church. When I went part time we no longer needed to have Mrs. Erica watch Jordan so we would set up play dates so the girls could still see each other outside of church. Then She helped me get the job at Handprints and then Jordan and Maddie were in the same class together and Kalea and Mariana were together as well. Right before Jordan and Maddie were to turn 4 years old Erica pulled me aside and said that Kent would be taking a position in Pittsburgh and they would be moving in May. It was so sad that I would be loosing a friend but I felt for our little girls that would be loosing each other too. I knew that at this young of an age they would just remember each other when they saw pictures or heard stories about their little friend from preschool.

Well I was very wrong. The girls kept in touch through notes or calls. The Chevaliers came to visit here a couple of times that year around holidays or for a quick visit. Last summer we decided to visit them since trips would be harder with Jordan starting school. So we ventured out the PA when Sammy was just 3 months old. We knew then that it would be hard to see them again since Erica was pregnant with her third and was unsure of when they would come back here. We were surprised to get a call a couple of weeks ago saying that they were coming to visit. Jordan has been counting down ever since and has loved the weekly phone calls from Maddie. She loves her little friend and enjoyed her visit today. They picked right up where they left off last summer and ran around and played in the back yard and front yard. It was so cute to hear them talk. We will be meeting up with a bunch more friends from church at George George park later this afternoon and the girls will be able to play some more with each other.

I think that God is so good to give Jordan a little friend that I know she will have for life that even though they are states away they have a God in common and the love for each other that he instilled!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Six Unspectacular Quirks

First I have to say Thanks Amy because I have a hard time coming up with stuff for these!!

1. I have a real issue with hand washing! It is bad and I think has reached an all new high (or low). I make sure that if I touch something that is even a little dirty that could possibly transfer any type of contagious disease I have to wash my hands. I could not live with myself knowing that I caused everyone to catch this horrible rare disease because I was in a rush.

2. When I am driving I rarely break the laws. I mean not even going over the speed limit at ALL. I go exactly the speed limit. I just can not fathom having to pay $100 for a ticket because I thought if I went 10 over I would truly get there faster.

3. I HATE Michigan U-turns. I will go WAY out of my way so that I do not have to use them. I rarely take Van Dyke or Mound road and when I have to take Hall road I try my hardest to not have to use them. I do not know why it is just so pointless to go past where I need to turn to then sit at the light twice when I could have just made a left turn they in my eyes are useless.

4. I dislike Whining. Seriously it makes my ears bleed. It is like nails on a chalkboard. Which is pretty funny because I have two girls who are amidst the whining stage. God does have a sense of humor.

5. I love watching the Disney Channel as you all read my last blog. I find myself watching the shows when my kids are all asleep and my husband will not admit it but he does too!!

6. Unlike Becca I have to return the carts at the grocery store. I guess I am a bad mom because I will lock my kids in the car and return not only my cart but any of the other abandon carts on my way to the carrel! There was one time that because Sammy was screaming I just left it and I am not exaggerating when I say that it bothered me all day.

So there it is and I do not have 6 people to tag to do this with me and the three that I do have to tag I believe that Amy has already.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Jonas Craze

So I am going to just admit it I love the Jonas Brothers!! It is a Saturday night and I am sitting here watching Camp Rock on the Disney Channel. I love their songs I know I know they are a teen band. And I know I may loose some friends over this (LOL) but they are so cute. I really want to believe that they are believers and that they do want to continue to live their lives Gods way and I pray that I do not read in 5 years in a People magazine that they are in rehab. So hate me if you want and make fun of me all you want but when they come in concert I am for sure taking my girls so we can scream together!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I can finally exhale

My interview was this morning and it went really great! I can not go into too many details because everything has not been put into place but I am almost positive that this is going to work out!! I prayed that all the small details be worked out and everything has so I feel such a relief that the interview process is over now. So pray for me next week I am going in on Monday and Tuesday to work and see if I am a good fit there. The best thing is that I can continue to work for the Cadle's cleaning their home which has been such a blessing from God!

I think I may have a vampire baby

So Sammy has been a late bloomer with things! When all of his friends were getting teeth he wanted to be different so he did not get his first (two) teeth until 14 months! Well he is 16 months and he is getting 5 teeth now! I feel so bad for him he is in pain I can tell and I wish I could make him better. He has his two bottom teeth and the next two that are coming down are his (Mariana calls them) fang teeth! I worry that I will wake up with two bites in my neck from my little vampire!!

I wish I had and alter ego to blame things on........

I have this job interview tomorrow morning well actually this morning in a couple of hours. I can not sleep it does not help that I have coffee (very strong coffee) around 8pm and it is just now hitting me. I am very nervous and I know that this is normal but it also upsets me. why you ask?? Because I have given this to God I know by now that if this is his plan all the small little details will work themselves out and that is how we have chosen to live our life. But it upsets me that although I know this and always give it over to him that I still worry about it. Why?? Why can't I just give it over and that is it? Am I not really giving it over to him or is this normal? I really want this job for many reasons (and yes I am going to list them because I like lists!)
2. Adult interaction
3. it is in an office which I know is weird I LOVE
4. because if I did not get a job during the day than I would have to get one at night and on weekends which would take away from family time
I feel that these are all good reasons and I did not list them in any particular order before you start judging that I put money before my family. That in fact is the most important! Our marriage really struggled when I worked two jobs one being at night and on weekends and holidays and I do not want that. So in my mind God of course wants our marriage and family to be good (even great) so than this job should be the right one right?? Why do I try to figure him out because this job may not be the one and so maybe something else will come my way. Are you confused? Good because now you are on the same page as me!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Splash Village

We had so much fun and I would suggest that if you have kids ages 0-18 and if you are in an adult I promise that you will have fun!! We arrived at Zenders Splash village at 2 on Sunday and went right to the water park. We were completely amazed by how mush stuff there was to do it was all a little bit overwhelming. The girls went right to the slide with Nathan (the small one) and I played with Sammy in the little swings that he could jump and down in and splash. He also loved crawling around in the less than 6 inches of water. The girls loved the little slide and gradually moved onto the bigger ones. By the end of the first day Mariana had gone on the BIG slides with Nathan and I and she loved it!! Jordan spent most of the first day limping around from a boo boo she got that morning.
We then went to dinner at Zhender's restaurant for their famous family style dinner and if you know our little crew you know that we NEVER go out to eat. With a 6,4 and 16 month old that is impossible and that dinner proved that to us once again. My girls did not want to eat and so they were crawling all over the place under the table and Sammy has 5 teeth coming in so he was not happy.

Once we got back to the hotel the movie Kung Fu Panda was on in the lobby for the kids so Nathan took the kids down while I tried to make Sammy comfortable. We also received $10 in tokens for the arcade so we headed there next and then it was to bed. Which again if you know our little crew it was crazy trying to get all four of the kids to bed lol!!!

The next morning we all got to eat from the full breakfast buffet (included in the room price) and we all went right to the water park again. This time both the girls went down the BIG slides like 15 times and through the lazy river and all over the place. Since this was our only family vacation this year we stayed until 2pm playing in the water park and just enjoying ourselves.

I totally recommend this vacation to everyone we will for sure go again. This time Nathan's parents treated the whole family but it would be a good deal even if we had paid. All that included and all the fun that we had is so worth it.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Family Fun

We all love this part of summer the last week of July and beginning of August. For the last 10 years Nathan's sister Becky and BIL Tim from North Carolina and their two daughters Emily (15) and Sarah (14) come up to visit. The past 9 years we have gone to Traverse City and have had an amazing time. This year we are going to Splash Village in Frankenmuth. We leave tomorrow and although this is going to be a very fast trip the Cathers and Davidson side always know how to have fun.

My first time going on a trip with everyone was when I was just 17 and I thought great no drinking how will this be fun. I really have never had so much fun sober. I learned that year that you can have fun without drinking. We have fun us girls talking about everything from what God is doing in our lives to our children and husbands and clothing. Sometimes I do feel a little inadequate around them because of the age difference they are 17 years older than us but I am learning to get over this. Tonight was so much fun just catching up and it was nice to have adult converstaions with out being interrupted since my nieces had fun keeping the younger kids company!! So this next week will be very busy full of lots of family time with the Cathers/Davidson. So come Wednesday I will have lots of funny stories and hopefully lots of pictures to show off.

Friday, August 1, 2008

MY Re-Wedding

I got this idea from Lisabeth who had a very similar wedding experience to us (I think we even spent a little more). If you do not know us we were five months pregnant and 19 years old when we married. We planned our wedding in 2 months and had it catered by Meijers. We married in our church (which I would never change) had the reception there as well. We did not have music or drinking (Which I would keep the same anyways) and had to set up and take down before leaving. I will say that I loved my wedding day and even though it cost all of 2,000.00 for everything including my dress and anything else you can think of there is still a sense of what could have been? I sometimes wonder if I had an endless budget would I go back and do things differently? I usually answer (I always answer my own questions) NO WAY that would bring more drama than there already was lol!! Well here it is after reading Lisabeth's blog about her re-wedding it got me thinking what would I do just for fun here it is................

I would for sure still want to marry Nathan at Rockpointe by Pastor Randy in the sanctuary (It was beautiful) and it still would be on Feb. 16th (only because I really can have a whole month that is mine birthday, valentines day, and anniversary love it). I had my Papa and Mom walk me down the aisle but this time it would for sure be my father. Our guest list would be a lot bigger to include the people that we have met along our journey that share our faith and love for Christ.

My sister Nikkie was my Maid of Honor but since the budget is out the window I would have Lisabeth share that with her. I would also have more bridesmaids: Linds,Sam,Shannon,Jenny and Colleen would join Kimmie and Jessica. I know for a fact that Nathan would want my Brother Joey (who could not attend our wedding the first time) and he would force Chuckie to get in a tux for the big day!
The girls dresses would be red not a bright red but a dark rich red!!

My dress would be one that (assuming I was not pregnant this time and had my pre-pregnancy figure back) was classy but unique and a touch of red!!

My flowers would be red Lillie's!!

My cake would be white and red with lots of unique designs that would match my dress!

My reception would be at the Royal Park Hotel in the Grand Ballroom with all white and red draped everywhere and we would dance all night long! We did not have music the first time so there was not first dance or father daughter dance. I would dance with my Dad and with my Papa for sure.

Nathan and I would have our first dance to Aqua Lungs Brighter than Sunshine (our song) and we would have an amazing photographer take candid shots of us all night long.

And last but not least we would head off for our honeymoons to Scotland, Italy and Ireland the three places that we will one day go.

I had fun doing this thinking about what I would do if I could but I feel blessed that we had the wedding that we did and really all I cared about was that I was marrying the man that I truly love and that no matter what was to come our way we would go through it together!!

New to this

Thanks to my best friend Lisabeth I am starting a blog. I do cave under peer preasure so since all my friends have a blog I am going to add this to my list of ways to continue my love for journaling! Plus I love that this blog has spell check better than myspace since I am not an English major and I hate that when Lisabeth reads my blogs she is getting out the red marker lol!! So bear with me as I venture out of my comfort zone and blog away.........