Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weekend Highlights

So this was a really great weekend full of busy family stuff which I totally soak up into my memory so I can pull out moments whenever I want to!! It started out on Friday I picked up Nolan from my moms and brought him to our house! The girls were so excited and Sammy that poor little Nolan was overstimulated lol! I put him in one of Sammy's old swings that the girls cleaned for me and Sammy crawled right over to it so excited and started tickling Nolan very cute. Then the girls wanted to push him which I had to explain that this is not like the swings outside. So we then decided once Nolan woke up from a little nap to go outside to feed him. Jordan wanted everyone in the neighborhood to come out and see her cousin but none of her little friends were home. So she made a little sign (this was her idea and she wrote the whole thing herself) it read as follows:
My cosin is here His nam is Nolan if you wnt to com and see Him!!
She wanted to post it all over (she made four different ones that all said the same) I told her we could not do that so she asked if she could go door to door to let everyone know that he was here I again answered no. Her last restort to let people know was to tape the sign to first her bike and then her shirt so when anyone walked by she would stand chest out for people to read! She is tooo cute. Once Nathan got home I took Nolan to my sisters house to start relaxing and having just Zia and Nolan time WRONG!! He fell asleep in the car and slept until 2 in the morning once my sister was already home (he slept through getting out of the carrier, a diaper and clothing change too) but it was relaxing and I had lots of smiles from him in the morning! WORTH IT!!
On Saturday we went to my good friends son Johnny's graduation party which was fun to see Ms Priscilla a highlite for the girls and us too! She is great and if you know her she loves to get into your personal space lol!! We then went to my cousin Johnny's gard party up in Ortonville and it was a blast to hang with the Tagliavia side of the family and we stayed for a really fun bonfire!!
Today was just as fun going to my Great Grandmothers 90th birthday party and we had to take lots of Five generation picture thanks to my grandma who is way tooo camera happy! So it is 9pm and both girls are asleep Sammy is next! I love weekends like this!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Zia at your service

I am so excited that tonight I get to babysit Nolan all by myself!! I am leaving work picking up my sitter taking her home and then picking up Nolan from my moms. The kids will be excited that they get to see Nolan for a little while they will probably fight over who will feed and change him lol! Then once Nathan gets home I am off to my sisters house to hang with Nolan all night (or should I say hold Nolan all night lol)! I am excited because I never get to really hold and enjoy him because my kids always want to so this is just ME. I also get a kid free night at my sisters which has not happened since I went to California almost 2 years ago!! The best part is since I am Zia and not Mommy I will probably sleep like a baby! I love being a Zia.... Have a great weekend all!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Missing a friend

Our little family is missing a friend. Nathan especially is missing his best friend, Chucky! Today is two years for the death of his friend Chucky and it has been rough. Two years ago we were getting ready to move out of Nathan's parents house and I was actually at our new home waiting for my friend to come and help and Nathan was at his parents waiting for some of his friends. My cousin Linds called me to say that she heard that Nathan's friend Chucky was in a car accident and died! I denied it cause he was on his way to Nathan's parents house to help us move. But something in my gut told me to call Nathan so I did and asked him if he had heard from Chucky and told him what I had heard. The following days were such a blur. The feelings and emotions that we all went through will be ones that we never will forget. Chucky may have made some mistakes (who doesn't??) but he was a great friend and a great dad! We were just at Nathan's parents house on Sunday taking apart Jordan's old crib for a friend and we could not help but remember when we went and picked it up and guess who helped? Chucky. Every so often we talk about all the times we spent weekend long visits at Chuck and Tasha's house. All the times he helped us move and we him. The much talked about camping trip that we had to make poles for our tent because I forgot them. I can hear him saying things sometimes like when Nathan says something ishurting or complaining about something he would always say (sorry all) "Ahh don't be a pussy Nate"! Or every time I have to wake Nathan up for work I can just hear and see Chucky jumping on him and telling him to get his ass up! He was such a great guy and though he acted tough and had to for appearance lol he was a softy! He was so proud of his first little boy Charles "Charlie" Jr and though he did not get to meet his second little on Caden he would have been proud because real men have boys lol!!! He would love that we finally had one and I know that he would have loved to throw Sammy around and wrestle with him. He is much missed by so many people. So if you think about it pray for Nathan who really has never been the same since Chucky died but also for Chuck's family: Killer (or Jason his brother), Gwen and Jeri (His sisters), his nieces and nephew, and OF COURSE his two handsome boys Charles "Charlie" 3 and Caden who will be 2 years old soon! Thanks all and we love and miss you Chuck so much!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer Nights

I love the summer! Nathan and I always talk about how much we feel so much more alive in the summertime. We met 10 years ago in the summer and well other things were in the summer too lol!!! I love everything about it from the trees and flowers in full bloom to the amazing summer storms that we get. I have so many memories from my childhood many in the summer time. Like going to Port Sanalac (SP?) and renting that HUGE house with 10 of us and driving around in a RV! Taking an amazing trip to Texas with my sister, Grandma Slicker and Grandpa Slicker, Cheerleading camp it really was sooo much fun! Our Cathers/Davidson trips to Traverse City, Fourth of July, Concerts and three great maternity leaves were all in the summertime. I love playing outside on a great summer evening like it was tonight. We had so much fun. First Nathan took all three (yes he was being very brave) on a walk so I could sit on the front porch and read a book with no interuptions and then we all playing kickball,tag and duck duck goose in the backyard. Then at 930 way past the kids bedtime we went for a "special" walk in the wagon it was so much fun! We also layed down on the grass and watched the clouds and pointed out animals in the sky! God is so awesome how can anyone doubt him when all you have to do is look around at all he has created all for us to take in!! I am so excited for these couple of weekends though they will be busy lots of family time ahead! Tomorrow is Jessica's (my little sister) grad party (I am very proud of her she is going on to Baker to be a Radiologist). Next weekend is Johnny Klein's grad party and then my cousin Johnny's grad party ( I am proud of you too Johnny) then my Great Grandma's 90th birthday party! I love this all this family time is what I love!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I feel like I need to rake the leaves

This week has been crazy! I started working everyday again and to all of you that have been working full time can keep their comments to themselves unless you have three kids! I am all over the place everyday but it is going good. I have some personal family things going on that I can not go into but if you think about it pray for us. I will hopefully have a praise report to blog about in a couple of days regarding this "issue"!! My little sister's grad party is this Saturday and I am really excited for that but also because I have to be at my mom's house by noon to help set up and I will get to be KID FREE YEA!!! I have been around my kids and others too much to not have a break once a week right?? I am in one of those moods where I want to cry (because once a day normally is not enough) so I started reading this book by Karen Kingsbury and the last time I read it I cried so hard that it kinda scared me so why you ask am I reading it again? Because I like to torture myself! Anyways on to some exciting news! SAMMY has his first tooth! YEAH!!! He has been working on this tooth for the last two months and now it is here along with another that is trying to get through. I can finally start weening which after almost 15 months of breastfeeding I am READY. Okay sorry for a boring blog but too bad. Have a great week all

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Toliet is Ringing

This week has been crazy with me being really sick loosing power and Jordan's last week of school I am ready for a really long nap!! Jordan had her graduation ceremony on Tuesday and it was so cute! They started out in the music room and sang three songs which were very cute! Then we went to her classroom where the FAMOUS (lol) Miss Vaghela passed out a little diploma, a memory book, a writing notebook (from the begining of K) and a time capsole that she gets to open when she is 18 years old! I totally cried and I am so proud of her. I fast forward to when she would be graduating high school and I am so glad that I have years to prepare for that. We really had reservations putting her in public school because I had so many bad memories not all bad but ya know? Nathan went to private (for most of his school years) and had some good some bad memories. It was just so hard to be giving our daughter to someone we barely know to mold and shape her for really more hours in the day that we see her. I have to say that I am so thankful that we listened to God (Rick and Corrie helped too) to enroll her at Rose Kidd with Miss Vaghela! She is an amazing teacher and if anyone is in the Utica Community School district or can do School of Choice seriously request her! She has made such a huge impression on our family and Jordan talks about her all the time. She says things that I know have come from Miss Vaghela it is so funny. She cried a little today and I am wondering how she will do next week when her routine is changed. We are sad to be leaving Miss Vaghela but excited for the summer. Oh and if you are wondering why our toliet is ringing ask Mariana lol!!!!!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

So Sad

I was planning on blogging all about Jordan's many birthday parties and all the stuff that has happened this past week (which has been sooooo crazy) but things have changed (maybe later). Nathan just found out that one of the New Car Salesmen at Saab his son (16 years old) committed suicide. His 8 year old sister found him in his room in the basement this morning at 11am!!
This hits me hard I do not know this boy at all but I know the pain. I went through years of painful depression from the age of 11-19 and tried to do the same many times. It is so hard because I remember feeling like the pain of the moment would never end and that no one would care. But the next morning things were a little better and I would see that some did care. It is such a hard way to loose someone you love there are no answers and second guessing what you could have done better. Since 7th grade I have lost many people to suicide and everytime it is so hard. Even when I just hear of someone who knows someone who has died this way hurts my heart. I am so sad for Nathan's coworker and his family the pain they must be feeling right now has no words to describe! If you can pray for them for healing, for the little girls mind that her images of this be erased, that they seek GOD for comfort instead of turn from him, that they find peace that they will see their son again one day, that it is not their fault, that one day their pain will be better.