Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Godson

I love being a Zia and I love love love my Godson Nolan. He is so adorable I know I am a little bias so you guys can be the judge. Enjoy the pics!!

He is sooo sooo cute!!!!!!!

I think I owe a BIG Thank you to Rachel and Tom for this hat! It is a MSU hat and my sister and her husband are big U of M fans so this is payback for all the outfits for my kids lol!!

So Handsome!!

At his Baptism!
He is such a ham already!
Always have to sneak in one of my kids into the mix!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So I need help getting off of coffee lol!! No I am serious I think I had too much tonight and I always said that it never affected me at night but if you see what time I am posting this blog you will notice that it DOES effect me. It is 2am and I have to be in 4 hours for work and I can not stop!!! Seriously I am out of control I have been surfing the net for like (does anyone even say that any more "surfing the net") 3 hours no joke. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

A mean and Nasty BUG

NO this is not another post about bugs well at least the creepy crawly kind anyways! My weekend was rated as one of the worst. I know I always have drama but I promise it is not brought on by me. Thursday afternoon Sammy started throwing up at my Mother-in-laws house and then Jordan started at 230 in the morning. I started at 6am and things got worse from there. Nathan was not allowed to leave work to come home and help me with the two sick kids and myself (not to mention a very hyper Mariana who was not sick.). Once Nathan got home from work at 730pm he started cleaning while Sam and I slept the evening away. Sammy kept me up all night moving all around moaning in his sleep. Saturday morning I woke up feeling pretty good and Jordan (as she said) WAS ALL BETTER. Sammy on the other hand spiked a fever and slept from 10pm the night before and did not wake up (but a few times to drink some water) until Saturday evening. At around 5pm Saturday things seemed to be getting better I was praising God that Mariana and Nathan had not gotten sick and Sammy finally ate something and kept it down. Well I should always know not to speak too soon because Mariana started getting sick all over her bedroom. About an hour later I started AGAIN!!! I was in the bathroom all night and no joke it was like the Exorcist. I slept all Sunday and finally ate some homemade soup (that by the way my wonderful husband made with my instruction of course lol) and prayed that I would make it to work on Monday. Well this morning came and I was unable to eat much but a small bowl of soup but I made it to work but much to my surprise my husband did not. Nathan was here all alone getting REALLY sick all day. All we can do is Praise God that all of us did not have it at the same time. I am very thankful that I have a husband who would literally clean all day and into the late late late nights to keep the germs from spreading..........oh wait all that and he still got sick!! I am praying that since we have already had the Flu bug that this Christmas will be the first without it!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas Time

I have to say that this is the first year that I was actually really excited to start listening to Christmas music. So on my way to work the other day I put 100.3 on and this song by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra came on and I cried! It is so beautiful you have to listen to it!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

No title

I always say this before I write a blog that I know might be one that a lot of you may totally disagree with me on but remember this is MY blog and you can close it if you don't like it!!
Also I do not have great writing skills or grammer skills so please do not get out the red marker!!

I have been watching 20/20 tonight and it has kind of affected me a little. I am not really sure how I am feeling but it has just brought up questions in me but also some sadness. In case you did not see it the show was a special on "The Pregnant Man" . I have heard so many people say some pretty horrible things about this man and his wife and the choices that they have made to have a family. This all as you know really (even though I do not know this person) hurts me like really hurts me so much that I am almost crying while typing this. I really get angry at people who judge and make horrible comments about others. Every time I seen this couple on TV all I saw was a happy and very much in love couple. They both were glowing and just full of smiles. I can not believe the horrible messages and letters that they receive from people, people that share the same faith as me. It really sickens me that some one who says they have a heart for God and HIS people and then they turn around and call a complete stranger and leave a message saying in a voice full of hatred and anger "God does not make mistakes" and (paraphrasing here) you are evil and I hope your child gets taken away.

My best friend Lisabeth (I hope you don't mind me saying this) but when I first met her it was at a church group that her and her husband Jon led and I was giving my testimony. She came right up to me and said don't worry I have gone through some things in my life too and you will do fine. A couple months later she started working at Handprints as the lead teacher in the walker room and I was the lead teacher in the infant room. After one of our open houses we realized that we would both be going to California with Celebrate Recovery to Saddleback Church and we started talking. She started talking about how her family and how she has an older sister and a younger sister that is going through the transition to be a man soon. I will tell you honestly that I was caught a little off guard only because I have never known anyone who has been through this or even someone who knew someone who has been through this. Lisabeth though made it seem like no big deal. As we became closer and I listened to her talk about her brother I could tell how much she loved him and how accepting she was of him making this choice to do something to finally make him what he truly believes he was supposed to be. I have to say I am still torn because I do not get it but I will never ever HATE someone because of it. Lisabeth has taught me so much with issues like this because I do not have to agree or understand I just have to love them. I do not need to preach to them or shove God down their throat I just need to love and accept them and maybe they will see that ,here is one more person who has a heart for God but also loves me.

What if we all did that? What if we all loved them and accepted them? What if all of us that say that we love God show that to others that maybe we do not agree with their lifestyle? What if we see them as people and not as "THEM" or "THOSE PEOPLE"???? That is the kind of world I want to live in!

Again you may not agree with me or even question my walk with God or my faith but honestly I do not care because I only answer to one person and that is my Heavenly Father not YOU!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I am very excited because this Saturday (before my jewelry Party) we are having Thanksgiving Dinner with Nathan's family. His parents every year go to his sister's house in North Carolina so we do Dinner early. I am in charge of making the Green Bean Casserole which is fine with me. It is going to be one of those crazy weekends but I am excited! Nathan and my brother are taking the girls to go see the new Madagascar movie on Sunday after Church so Sam and I will have a lazy afternoon probably sleeping on the couch!! Have a great weekend everyone!! And if you have no plans come hang out with me on Saturday night!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

It is not too late

As you know I lost our camera and so I am just now able to post some pics of Halloween so enjoy!!

Please Pray

My little sister Jessica 18 was in a car accident last night. She was speeding through my moms neighborhood and crashed into a house! Luckily no one was seriously injured in the home. Jessica was injured though and has been in the hospital. They are almost positive that she has a fractured neck and possible some internal injuries. Just pray that she recovers quickly and that her spirit is not too broken. I am praying that she learns from her mistakes and realizes how serious driving is and that it is not to be taken lightly and she could have killed someone or herself!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

President Obama

I know I am a little late blogging about this but it is still fresh on my heart. I have to say that I was very emotional all Tuesday night. As I said before I love to Vote! I feel so blessed to live in a Country where we have freedom and where we get the chance to vote for who runs our Country. If you read my blog then you read the entry that I posted after the Democratic National Convention about how after watching it I knew that Obama was going to be our next President. There was just something about him and what he stood for that made me think. This came to a big surprise to me considering I have always been very much a conservative. His speech started to bring up feelings of really wanting change. I had so many people though that I felt like if they knew that I voted for him would question my faith. I struggled with this and thought God does not say anywhere in the Bible that we are to vote Republican. In fact he created our Country to have the freedom to choose who we felt would make the best decisions right? I went and voted at Bethany Lutheran Church first thing Tuesday morning sure of who I was going to vote for and was very proud that I was making my decision based on all the research I did and checking a site that a friend had given me to rule out all the rumors that were swirling around.
I planned on staying up late to see who was going to win and I have to say that I was not surprised. I also have to say that it was a very emotional win! I (if you do not know already) am a White Female so I will never understand what anyone who is African American goes through on a daily basis but I just kept thinking WOW it must be so amazing to see some one of your race become President. I have to say (it saddens me that I even know people who would say this) I heard a lot that Oh every person who is black is going to register so that a black man can become President! That sickens me and what is cool is that more White Americans voted for him than anyone else. I kept thinking wow look at all of these young kids who have been given hope not only African American but Asian,Mexican,Indian that they too can one day be President!!
The best about this is that look how many people did not look at President Obama's skin color but saw what he could do for our Country. I really hope that those that did not vote for him will at least respect him and I really hope that this starts our Country down the path of getting rid of Racism once and for all!! God created all of us and we are all his children and any disrespect to any of his children is disrespecting him. So now we all have to keep President Obama and his family in our prayers that he makes wise choices and keeps his promises and that his family is protected from harm. We also should pray for our Country that people start to see people and not color!

Party Time

Hey Everyone! If you did not receive an Evite from me it is probably because I do not have your email! If you want come out for a kid free night click on the link below and come over for a Jewelry Part at my house Next Saturday! I have been trying to figure out a way to get all the girls together and I thought with the Holidays coming up this would be a perfect way to buy gifts! Even if you can not afford it or have too much Jewelry come any way!! Copy and Paste the URL to view the Evite!!