Friday, April 25, 2008


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10.) I was not allowed to dye or drastically cut my hair until I was 18. So on my 18th bday Nathan took me to a salon and with some random hairdresser had her dye my hair and told her to cut it however just different! I looked REALLY horrible so much so that I cut classes the whole next day. Nathan said I looked like Rod Stewart.
9.) You will all probably laugh at me but I really LOVED being a cheerleader and coaching it too!!
8.) I took Tap for 9 years and every Halloween from 2nd grade until 5th grade I dressed up in my previuos years dance costume and thought I was soooo COOL!!!
7.)Our wedding was planned in 2 months I was 5 months pregnant it was in our church no music, no liquor,plastic silverware, Meijer catered,and Nathan threw the cake in my face but I would do it the same all over again I loved it!!
6.)I still have a hard time telling time on clocks and watches that have no numbers.
5.)In Fourth grade everyone was going around and telling what their middle initial stood for mine is Josephine I said it was J for Jessica because Josephine sounded UGLY (which I love now mom okay!!)
4.) I loved stuffed animals growing up and thought they had feelings so I would rotate which ones slept by me and then the rest were lined up and the bottom of my bed kept warm under blankets I did this until I was 12
3.)I played with barbies until I was 12 but pretended it was only to do their hair which was a lie I loved pretending!
2.)I LOVE old people! Like really love them I wish my job could be sitting with old people all day looking at old pictures and hearing stories of how they lived their life.
1.) I still do not know what I want to be when I grow up!
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Mom (Sandy),Linds,Lisa,Maria,Sam,Anita,Jene,Shanna,Desiree,Cherie,Colleen,Erin,and Angela. I know way more than 10 but I can't choose

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Mom stop if you do not want to read this further Blog about DEL!

My mom married after my Dad a man named Del (Aldelbert) for anyone who does not know he made my childhood horrible. He was an alcoholic and very verbally, mentally,emotionally and physically abusive. I have many memories that sometimes flood me at weird times. Like I was at my mother-in-laws house and saw tickets to the circus on her table and it reminded me of when I was like 7 maybe we were going to the circus and Del was drunk (or that is how I remember it he may have just been crazy) and I had to sit in the middle of him and my mom Nikkie and Jojo were in the back and he was driving really crazy and I remember being so scared and crying and shaking. I remember getting to the circus and still being so scared that I could not enjoy it. Or the time he thre my brother down the stairs because he dropped a sock on the steps and being so scared that I was afraid to take a breath. So time to time these emotions come back up. When I walked through Celebrate Recovery Del was one of the hardest to get through because he really did alot of damage to my spirit. After one year in CR I was able to forgive Del. God through that time showed me what it was like for Del maybe he was abused or talked down to as a child and knew no other way. He obvioulsy had a reason to escape thats why he drank right? Well the last couple of months have sparked in interest in me to find him to let him know I FORGIVE YOU! I have searched sometimes very late late at night on the internet for him or his five kids to only end up at dead ends. For some reason I just have these weird urgency to let him know. I do not want my mom upset because she may not be ready to take that all in and I know my brother and sister are no where near wanting to do this but I do. I do not want a relationship but just to let him know. Anyways that was a lot of info to give out to you all sorry!!

My Baby is 1 years old!

Well these last couple of days have been BUSY! On Thursday Sammy's Birthday we had my mom, Jessie and Samantha over for dinner and then had some cupcakes that the girls helped make. Sammy dug right in and loved the cupcake I was worried that the kids would be up all on night with a sugar high. By ten everyone was asleep. Today was the BIG party! 35 people in our basement it was so much fun. Sammy got lots of new toys and clothes and once he got past his crabbieness he was very happy and played. Uncle B I think won favorite gift for right now he loved the LEGOS!! Its 5pm now and Sammy and Daddy are sleeping on the chair and the girls and my niece Natalie are watching a movie! It was a good day thanks to everyone that came

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Grossed out!

I love our time in the car sounds weird I know! I love when I pick Jordan up from school and we all talk about our day to eachother (even Sammy babbles). We sing songs some kids songs and some not we dance to the music on the radio it is fun! Well today we were singing and dancing (to Alicia Keys) and I looked over my shoulder to see the man in the car next to me digging and I mean DIGGING! He was so far up in there that he was almost to his second knuckle!!! I laughed no big deal well it is but oh well emabarresing for him not me than I looked again and his finger was in his mouth.........I gagged! I could not believe that I just saw some do that. I looked again (because now I am just curious as to what type of person would do this) He is chewing!! I am getting so grossed out just typing this out. I can not believe it and I am sorry if I have mad anyone sick. Nose picking is something that seriously makes me cringe more than anything else!
On another note My little Sammy is turning 1 tomorrow and I can not believe it. I cry on all of kids birthdays I do not know why maybe it is because with each passing year it is less time that I have with them sound weird. I know that I have a minimum of 20 more years of my kids in our house but still it seems like the years go by sooo fast i know that before I know it I will be watching my kids pack up their belongings to move out. Then there are days that I wish I could escape LOL! Well we made cupcakes today for tomorrow after dinner. My mom, sister Jessie and my brother Joe are all coming over for dinner and some cupcakes (Sammy’s first:)! Then Saturday is the big party only family is coming and some friends which adds up to about 50!! I know I have a huge family so every party is HUGE! So pray for me this weekend because I know that by Sunday night I will have a huge headache and very tired!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Baby Nolan James

So it was a long three days waiting for this little guy but man was it amazing!! I went to the hospital around 9am yesterday morning to find Nikkie having contractions about 1 minute apart so they had to turn down the pitocin. At 9 45 they came in and broke her water and she was only dialated to a 1!! So I left becuase I had two sick guys at home. I took Sammy to the doctors picked the girls up from where they were got home at 4pm fed Sammy and left for the hospital again. I was told that she would not have the baby until at least 830 9 pm so I had time. HA! I walked into the labor and delivery room at 545pm and Nikkie was already pushing and I could see his head! It was the most amazing thing to be on that end (no pun intended LOL). We all cried. Matt did great he went right into support and daddy role! Nikkie did amazing really she only pushed for 55 minutes and afterwards she was glowing! I actually watched my nephew being born into this world and how could you not be amazed at how God does things in this world. He is perfect (a little cone head but beautiful)!! I am on cloud nine I am so happy to be a Zia that I really do not know how I got home from the hospital. I talked about him all night and called my sister first thing this morning. We are on our way there now so Mariana can meet Nolan and then we will go back when Jordan gets out of school so she can meet him.
I will always be thankful to Matt and Nikkie for at the last minute surprising me that I was able to be in there with them and it was so awesome. It is so cool to have this new level of mine and my sisters relationship! We have our moments where we drive eachother crazy but I would not trade my relationship with her for the world. I really feel blessed for the family that I have and I love that we are all a big crazy Italian family that is in eachothers business all the time. So many people this last week said things to me about how obessed I was about Nolan being born and I could chalk that up to a little bit of jealousy because I love that our family is the way it is. I love that not only was it Nikkie’s immediate family but all of our grandparents aunts and uncles and cousins that join in on this celebration of life!!
WHEW!!! Well I guess this birth has got me going

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Well another night of being up all night long! I was hoping that when Sammy was up all Sunday night that he was teething. WRONG! Nathan possibly has strep and I am wondering if Sammy has the same? They are going to the doctors together and if you know my husband he must be miserable to go to the doctors. He was up all night long with a fever and all. My poor guys! I made him stay far away from me because there is a baby being born TODAY YEA