Friday, August 31, 2007

I feel old....

I know I know those of you that are older are going to get mad at me but I do. My daughter, my oldest daughter is now starting kindergarten in 4 days! I can not believe that she is already 5 years old and going to be in school. It really has gone by fast and before I know it she will be graduating from high school. I have taken the day off and Nathan is going to go into work late so that we can walk her to school (from my moms house) and then walk her to her class and I know that I will be crying and she will be saying "its okay mommy I will see you later". Yesterday we went to Rose Kidd (that is her school and the funny thing is that is where I went and my brother and sisters) to see who her teacher was going to be (something I did every year with Kristen my friend from across the street). I was having flash backs from my elementary years! We found her name under Ms. Veghalas class! She is so excited and I am too (really I am) but it all seems overwhelming for me. Then I got the school lunch schedule and I thought she is too little to eat with the big kids and I started to think of ways that I could convince the teacher that she should eat in the classroom or even better with the teacher in the lounge!!!! I know I am going crazy but my first born is going to school where I can not keep an eye on her. Then I saw on the window above her class list a notice for all kindergarten parents about a parent only meeting next Thursday! Our first little meeting Nathan is going to leave work early so we can go. It is all really exciting! When ever we talk about kindergarten Jordan just gets this huge smile on her face and asks a million questions like What she should bring for lunch, what her lunch pail will look like, what outfit I think she should wear and if she will know any of her new friends??????????
I guess I have to be thankful and enjoy this time of her life when she includes me in her first day of school. Soon it will be off to high school and I know that Nathan will not take the morning off and Jordan will definately not let us walk her to her new class...................................

Saturday, August 18, 2007

I am so happy!! Things are just starting to come together again for us; God is so good! I finished my 8 week online course with an A+! I did it with a one month old and 2 other little ones on no sleep and sometimes online for 6-8 hours a night. My poor husband would come home from work I would hand him the baby and not look his way till about midnight! I am so happy to be done and I feel a sense of accomplishment! PRAISE GOD
Last Friday we were brave and took our first family trip to Pitsburg to visit friends. We had so much fun and honestly the driving was not so bad if you ask me (if you ask Nathan he will beg to differ)! Then on Monday we went to the Nickleback concert which was so much fun! We did have some pot smokers sitting by us that brought back some memories for us both! But all in all it was great!
We are now just enjoying the down time right now because in a couple weeks we leave for the Cathers annual trip to Traverse City and then back to work for me!! Life is good though my kids are healthy and not driving me crazy for the most part. I really feel blessed to have the life I have.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I feel like myself again

So I do I feel like myself again because I am back to work. That may sound horrible to some of you that love staying home and think that everyone should but I do not. I love working and I truly love my job! I have worked many jobs and believe me I mean a lot (starting from age 14!!!). I have never ever woke up thinking I am excited to work but at this job I truly wake up and think YEAH I get to go to work (though sometimes I wish I could sleep a little later than 4am but ya know). I do miss the baby and Jordan and Mariana while I am working but I really love what I do. I love being with the babies all day and playing and feeding them and yes even the diaper changing is fun (most of the time LOL). I just love kids so much and I feel so blessed that I get paid to work in slippers and play all day with babies!! I am back into the swing of things at work and feeling confident in the talent that God has given me.
Life is good I can not complain (maybe just about being tired but what Mom of three isn't feeling tired)! Things are great but pray for me the next month as we pack for the fiffth time since we have been married. We move next month on the 15th God willing! We are so excited and feeling God's love!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

God is so Good

For those of you that do not know (which would be surprising becuase everyone I meet right off the bat knows my life story LOL) but we fell on really hard times a couple of years ago Nathan and I bought a home just months before our second daughter was born 10 weeks early this sent us in a down ward spiril of bad credit decisions. By the time our daughter was 18 months we had foreclosed on our home, lost our cars and Nathan's job. In the mean time we were dealing with addictions and other things but all along God was at work. We really felt like God stripped all of that away so that everything that came after was ultimatly from him and him only. We needed a wake up call, it was rough and their were times that we did not know what we were going to eat we would go to our parents a couple of times a week so that we could have dinner and have the leftovers for our lunches. Even through it all we just kept trusting God that one day he would restore it all for us and we would one day have a home again. After 1 year back at his parents with two kids and new jobs we were offered a trailor from a family at church for free! We were so grateful. I had to get over the fact that I did not want to be in a trailor (I have to admit that I was feeling embarrassed) I never thought I would end up in a trailor (anyone who reads this that lives in one I hope that no one is offended it was just something that God had to bring me out of). I had to come to terms with it is not the home but what you make of it and I had to be grateful that God was providing us with a home that we could afford. The last couple of weeks we have run into some things on our street that has made me fearful! I struggle with fears if you know me you know what I mean and I have had to give these to God and all along I have felt that something was about to change I just didn't know what. Well this week was my first week back to work and a friend of mine (well more than that she is a mentor to me always praying with me and has never once judged Nathan or I) told me that her brother just bought a home at Masonic and Kelley in Roseville 3 beds 1 bath basement hardwood floors fenced in yard 1 car garage and in our price range! I kinda passed on it saying that we might have another place that we were looking in to. Well as of yesterday that fell through and the first thing I thought of was what my friend suggested. I called her immediatly tonight and she told me that her sister-in-law wanted to talk to me. I called her and she is a Christian and wants a good family in their home and is willing to bring the rent down and work in a deposit and no credit check! How great is God! We prayed right before calling her and asked God to work out the small details of our credit and a deposit and without me saying anything she told me there would be no credit check! We are going tomorrow to look at it! Please pray that we use wisdom in our decision and that all our questions will be clearly answered and we seek God through it all!! I am truly grateful for the life that we are now leading becuase without God in our lives I do not know where Nathan and I would be

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Working Mom of 3!!

So it is the third day of being back to work and all I can say is WOW! Monday was very hard I woke up at 5am and got ready, washed the dishes, and then got the kids off. Sammy and Jordan to my moms first and I cried and cried then Mariana and I left for Handprints and I cried on and off for the next two hours. I am learning to pump again which believe me is not fun! I would much rather have the fiffteen minutes of bonding with my son rather than having two plastic peices suck at me (it is as painful as it sounds)! I do have to say that I am very grateful to be working at a place that gives me the chance to pump. Two great friends of mine that work in the church (Handprints is located in our church Rockpointe) came and brought me flowers to encourage me on my first day. After work I practically flew to my moms (which is down the street from work) and ran in only to find that my little boy would barely eat all day from the bottle. I felt horrible and once we were home he nursed for almost three hours and twice in the night!!
Tuesday was better I woke up at 4am and off to work agian Sammy ate better and I cried less. Today was even better and I am feeling like we are all adjusting to the new schedule. I am a better mom when I am working, I know that this may sound horrible for those of you that are home with your kids but I am. I can get things done around the house better, spend the time I have with my kids better and I love my job so in other words if I am happy my kids are too!!
So thank you to all of you who prayed for me and all those that sent me encouraging myspace comments it really did help!! Have a great week and if you don't hear from me it is becuase I am a working mom of three!!!