Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Good Times

This week has been crazy! I had a migrane that went about 4 days on and off and sooo much running around. I felt like the movie Groundhogs Day with Bill Murray. I would wake up late yelling at the girls to get out of bed throwing my hair in a ponytail, putting waffles in a bag for the girls to eat in the car and then getting to work realizing that I still had a headach, picking the kids up to run around on errands and then going back out to pick up Jordan. It was a whirl wind week (say that five times fast)!
Today was fun though we went to my niece Natalie's 6th birthday party at Jeepers in Great Lakes Crossing. Natalie is my stepsister Heather's daughter her and Jordan are only a couple of weeks apart so it is fun to see them together. The girls today surprised me cuz Jordan is my one who is very shy and afraid of things at first and Mariana usually tries things first but today is was very different. Jordan went on the indoor rollercoaster like 6 times and by the end she had her hands raised and everything. Mariana played on the baby train but loved the bumber cars. Jordan attacked the Pinata with a crazy hand at the bat but Mariana tapped the Pinata and was very shy about it!! I love that I am starting to have a better relationship with my dad. I feel really blessed that things have turned around. It used to be really hard to have a normal conversation with my Dad and I would be sad because my friends seemed to be able to talk to their dads about everything and it was uncomfortable to even talk about everyday things since we hardly knew eachother. I love it now though I really feel like God is giving us the time that we lost. PRAISE GOD!!