Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wonder if my kids will need therapy

I have been struggling lately with wanting what others have (who doesn't right??) I know that we are called not to do that and so I am admitting it is a struggle. I see everyones pictures of their vacations or hear their stories of these little or big getaways they are having this summer and it makes me sad. Sad that we never have even had a real honeymoon or gone anywhere just our little family. Yeah we go to Traverse City with Nathan's whole family and it is usually paid by them or we did venture out to Pittsburgh (though that was fun) I am talking about a true family vacation where we plan the whole thing and it is just us. I think about all my friends who are doing that now and then I think we have three but really when we had one we never did that.
Well I think I might be getting a hold of it now. Today after going through all the stuff for the garage sale (and when I say it is a lot lets just say my ENTIRE garage is full front to back with stuff for it) we sat down and watched home movies. We love doing this I think we do it like at least once a month and it never gets old. I realized that although we do not leave our yard or even our home sometimes we are making amazing memories with our kids. We always have so much fun in this house. I love that Nathan and I can be so silly with the kids and get right down on the floor giggling with them. After our home movies we watched the Fraser Fireworks! We did not even need to go outside to see them (which is good since it was raining) we turned out lights off in the living room and watched out the front window! It was perfect and I know that it is moments like these that our kids will remember.
I look forward to the day that I hear my kids say "Remember that time mommy and daddy took us out of bed to watch the fireworks?" or "Remember when we would always go in the backyard and play tag and watch the clouds"? I love making these memories and I guess I don't need lots of money or even to leave the state to do so.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

No Need for a Title

This Sunday we finally all made it to church and on time so that all of our kids could go to thier classes so we could enjoy the service. It was so nice. We have not been to church as a family since Easter and before that it was sometime in Jan. Our kids were sick for most of the winter and spring and then we had a hard time getting back into the routine again. Which makes me sad because since when is having fellowship with our church family hard to schedule in?? I love my church but more I love God and those he has used in our lives along the way which has become like family to us. God tells us how important it is to be gathered in fellowship with two or more no matter the building but we are to be worshiping him with fellow believers. I struggled at first in my walk with Christ because I did not feel like I fit in I felt like I had to have the right clothes or the right attitude or even had to clean up my act before I went to church! I then found Rockpointe which I knew I was right at home when I walked in and saw everyone mostly in jeans and the occasional youth with spikey hair, and mismatch clothes and chains and then I walked into the sanctuary and saw the pastor who everyone just called by his FIRST NAME (what!!) and he too was wearing jeans and a very casual shirt! I was greeted by so many people but not in a we are going to bombard you with questions and then tell you that you can not come here becuase of things that you are doing. Since then I have made wonderful friends with men and women some are the closest relationships I have had in my life and I don't mean with just one or two I mean I am very close with twenty to thirty! You may think that is an exaggeration but it is not I have shared many ups and downs in our life. These are people that when I was struggling with some past demons they did not hesitate to wrap their arms around me and pray. Or in the night when I was having a miscarriage praying with me. Or when Nathan came out with his addiction the first time with pain meds they helped him break the news to me and prayed with us and called us every night and offered free counsling. Or when I found out I was pregnant missing church and rushing over to our house that was a half hour away and lifting my spirits. All that to say why then was I feeling like I would not fit in again after being gone from church for so long? I was so wrong! We walked in and right away were greeted with those all familiar smiles and pulled aside to see how we were (not in a how come you have not been here way) Sammy went right into the nursery for the first time and was fine the whole time. Mariana had so much fun in her little class playing with her friends like no time had passed and Jordan talked all day about what she learned with the big kids church! I am tearing up just typing this because it felt so good to be back like there was a void and it has been filled. I even got to sit with my best friend who I talk to everyday but hardly see due to family busyness. Nathan said that when he came into the sanctuary he saw us and could tell how excited we were to see eachother and talking! I am so glad that we made it this Sunday becuase my week has gone by so good yes things have happened like my sitter canceling out for the rest of the summer or a really bad migrane but my spirits have been different! Praise God for getting us there and opening our hearts to listen to the message that Randy gave. And thank you to everyone who always keeps us in their prayers!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Back to Work.....

Well the time was bound to get here but I did not think so fast! I am starting back to work on Monday August 6th! For those that do not know I work at our churches daycare Handprints ( and I am the Lead Infant teacher there. I love my job and the women I work with (which I could never say before). I couldn't ask for a better environment to work in, I get to hold babies all day! The sad thing though is that I will not have Sammy with me, my mom spent both of the girls first year with them and she wants to do the same with Sammy! It helps out financially and honestly Sammy would not be a good daycare baby!! He is SPOILED! I do not have him on a schedule and that is how we like it I am a better mom when I am intune with what my kids need rather than setting a time for when they need it (though it works for some just not me I am too scatterbrained for all that). So everyone pray for me next week! In the mean time we are going on vacation to Traverse City with the Nathan's family, a nice break before I am a full time working mom of three!!!

Friday, July 4, 2008

The Cathers are done with Fireworks

Nathan has always love the 4th him and all his buddies would buy as many fireworks as possible and have a huge get together and blow stuff up! Nathan and Chucky (who died two years ago) were the ones who loved it the most! This year we were excited to have a home and light some off at our house this time. So we invtied some neighbors and their kids who also invited some friends. We had 6 little girls, Sammy and 5 adults and it all started out fun. Sparklers were the hit for the girls and then Nathan started the BIG ones. Finally the last one called Cake and we were all excited. The first one went off and the colors were great then...........the box flipped and they started flying all over the place at garbage cans and cars across the street. I wish that was the worst but next one flew at Sammy and I and hit my leg really hard I ran and it blew up then one flew into the driveway and blew up feet from the adults that ran into the garage and then one went past the girls who were all on the porch and the last two past Sammy and I who were taking cover on the side of the house and blew up in my neighbors back yard. After I knew it was safe I went back to the front of the house to check on everyone else full of apologies. No on was hurt except for me. I have a huge welt on my leg that is throbbing and will probably be a nice bruise but I feel so lucky that we are all okay. It was scary I am trying my hardest to not think of the "what if's" because so many horrible things could have happened. Nathan and I have decided we are happy with just watching from afar from no on! So I hope that everyone else had a safe and fun 4th! And Praise God that we are all okay