Thursday, July 23, 2009


Lots has been going on as always in our crazy house!! Right now I am just counting the days until we find out if we are having a baby girl or a baby boy or who knows maybe an alien of some kind lol!! Next Wednesday we find out so 6 more days!! We have been busy going to parks and then trying to find things to do when it is raining so if anyone has any idea's please send them my way because as of right now it is messing up the house!!
We have a boy name picked out but are stuck on a girls first name middle name we picked out is Isabel after Nathan's grandmother but not sure what to go with it!! I need some help but they have to be unique I do not want a Jennifer or a Katie (not that anything is wrong if that is your name but I do not want 6 kids to raise their hands when my child's name is called!!) so please leave your suggestions!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I am still here

I have been away for a while because I have been so sick that to even think about turning the computer on took too much energy! I have finally made the 12 week mark which is exciting. I have my next appointment on Tuesday and have to take all three kids (that will be very interesting). This week is going to be very busy Nathan's sister, brother-in-law, and two nieces are coming into town on Thursday. We are so excited to see them it has been a whole year. We are doing lots of fun stuff including a Thompson family reunion on Saturday, and Traverese City on Monday!!!

We went to Stoney Creek yesterday and had so much fun and lots of excitement. We started at one of the many picnic areas to grill and eat with the in-laws. The kids had lots of fun finding HUGE ants! Then around 8 pm we started the drive over to Baypointe Beach and we were stopped about 1 mile and told to park!! We knew that to carry chairs and 3 kids on the way back in the dark would be a bad idea so we decided to turn around. We then went to a different picnic area and let the kids play while we figured out what to do. A women started talking and saying that we could see the fireworks if we just walked about 5 minutes to the lake through the woods. So we waited until 955pm and started the walk (more than 5 minutes) with very tired kids and Nathan carrying all of our chairs (he would not let me help I asked). We found a spot after Mariana asking many times if there were any bears! Nathan and the girls spent the wait throwing lots of rocks in the lake. Then they started we seriously had the best spot in the whole park! We were right in front of where they light the fireworks off. It was so worth the hassle. THEN THE DRAMA BEGINS. I brought some crackers so that the kids could snack on something while we watched. A couple times Mariana dropped some so I threw them in the lake so I did not have Peanut Butter melting in my pocket. Well about 10 minutes in I saw them running all over the place. They were weaving in and out of the woods just a mere 5 feet behind us. That is right MICE!! I screamed put my feet up and had Mariana jump into my lap. Then more came and I said that's it we are done!! We packed up and started making our hike back (Sammy refusing to walk so Nathan had to carry him and the chairs) I had to calm the girls down and let them know that even though if was very dark out and we had no flashlight we were going the right way. We found our way back to the car and waited in line without moving for 45 minutes and made it home by 1230am!! It was so much fun though and we will do it again for sure but not without a grandparent coming to help lol!! Hope everyone else had a great 4th!!

I need to get back to the Hannah Montana Marathon with the girls!!