Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Well we were all better and now I have Strep!!! Anyways life of a mom of three I guess. We are getting ready to have our housewarming party this next weekend. We are really exctied becuase we have nevre lived somewhere, where we could have people over and not worry about the people who share our walls!
I am also adjusting to having a Jordan in kindergarten! It is so different I was really sad that I had to miss her first field trip to the Cider Mill but I took the 31st off so I could go to her Halloween party! It is so much fun listening to her talk about her day and all the things she has learned. This week it is all about the fact that she gets to wear her PJs to school and she also has picture day on Friday! Which by the way is a huge RIP off! I can not believe how much they charge to take pictures.
Other good news Nathan's new position is going good and her even has gotten more of a raise (he just told me last night)! God is totally with us in all that is going on in our lives and it feels so good to not have a burden that God is taking care of it all! Even though things will be tight I know that God will take care of us and that all of our needs will be met and that is the best feeling of all!!
So thank you to all that are coming this weekend look forward to seeing you!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

We need prayer

Well where do I start? My kids (no joke) have been sick on and off since the middle of September! We have had everything from just the common cold, strep, croup (twice) and yes now the FLU!! Mariana woke up Sunday morning with as she called it (okay if you have a weak stomach DO NOT READ) throw up from her butt!! I WARNED YOU! It was non stop just that until 4pm today and then she was throwing up and has been for the last 6 hours!!!
My night has been cleaning up puke and S*&T from mariana and then nice diapers from the baby. Then when Sammy wanted to eat Mariana was throwing up and then Jordan wanted attention! I have used two BIG containers of lysol wipes a huge thing of gateraid (which probably has be chucked up) and two rolls of paper towles!! Oh and like 5 rolls of toliet paper not to mention my hands are raw from washing them. I now have Mariana laying on her couch watching a show hoping she will fall asleep and Sammy sleeping and Jordan crying becuase it is not fair that she has to go to sleep and Mariana gets to watch TV! So an hour ago I was feeling sorry for myself that I am here and needing a break and not getting one! I checked my email only to find out that one of CR's participants has committed scuicide! Here I am complaining about all that I have going on when someone I know is now a widow with three kids! So we need prayer but my friends family needs it more! So all those that are prayer warriors pray on!!!

Monday, October 8, 2007

God always has a perfect plan

So I know this whenever things are going crazy I know this. I say "Okay God I know that you know the bigger picture so I am submitting this to you". Well here is a testimony to that! Nathan's job is going really good so good that I am going to start working part time at Handprints!! At first I was sad becuase I would be loosing my lead teacher position and my scholarship for school but I felt like God was saying he has a plan. I let my bosses know and they are working on replacing me. There are some things that are up in the air that I can not talk about right now but pray that I let God guide me in my decisions and not what I want. I tend to make up signs that it is from God becuase I want it and then it blows up in my face in the end. I am really happy I mean really happy!! If you have a close relationship with me you know that it has been a long time coming! My marriage is finally coming together we are on the same page putting Christ in the center of our lives fully!! I love being a mom I am actually making Sam's baby food and still nursing (which is a milestone for me becuase I stopped by now with both the girls)! I really feel like God is showing me why all that we went through was part of his perfect plan!!! I love it when he lets us have glimpses of what he is doing up there and I am glad that I do not have to worry about it that it is all in his hands!!!