Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Peace and Freedom

I can not believe that it has been since September that I have last blogged. It shows how crazy busy things have been around here. Nathan is working now and loving his job back at Belle Tire! I can not believe that this time last year we were walking through one of the hardest times of our lives and although things have gotten better we still have major hurdles to get through. I am always so open but lately I feel like I have only opened up to a close circle of women and even though I think it is ok I also think that it prevents others from feeling like they are not alone. I am not going to go into too much detail but a couple of really good friends of mine and I got together and we had one of those take the layers of masks off and we just let each other talk about icky stuff that no one wants to admit. It was healing and freeing and I know I left feeling a ton better and like God was right there with each of us as we talked and prayed. I will never be the person who pretends that everything is perfect because then I am doing harm to others out there that are walking through the same thing I am. Everyone has struggles and God wants us to walk through them and live a life full of Joy. His promise to us is that there is NOTHING that he can't handle!! I have hope that God loves me so much that he cares about my struggles and not only is he going to to hold my hand and walk me through it but he is also going to show me where I made the mistake and as long as I stay focused on him he will help prevent me from making the same mistake again.
 Nathan and I have done couples counseling years ago when we separated (another blog another day :)) we have done counseling ourselves, we have done bible studies together and separately , we have been in support groups separately and each of these paths have helped us so much to get to where we are today. I am so excited that the next 16 weeks we are doing something together that will secure our future in another way. If you know us than you know that we have moved in with his parents over a year ago and that this is our second time living with them. We have struggled to get it right and this last year we have moved past so much junk like Nathan's addictions, my anger, securing our foundation in our marriage on God, parenting..This last year we have paid ALL of our debt off!! It feels really good but we are now going to learn how to budget. We are determined to never have a credit card again and to be good stewards of our money. We tithe but we want to do more than that we want to look at our expenses and see that we give more to God than anything else in our lives. If you feel awkward about that statement ask me about it don't assume that my God is all about money because he is not. We are so thankful that God has brought us out of a VERY DARK time in our lives and he loves us so much more and has shown us how to love each other so much more that we want to thank him by giving back to others. We are looking to move hopefully this summer and we know that God is preparing our home right now and he is going to provide the way!! I am going to sit in some Peace and Freedom today :)