Thursday, June 18, 2009

A poopy mess (Might be TMI)

So this morning Sammy must have gone to the girls room first thing instead of ours and Mariana woke me up saying Sammy has no diaper on and he is poopy!! I jumped out of bed and grabbed him put him on his changing table to find his diaper at his knees and poop EVERYWHERE! When I pulled his pants off it then got all over the changing table his feet my hands. Then Sammy decided he wanted to touch it and sure enough he rubbed his hands all over his legs! This was definitely a GROSS moment.
I guess it is better than when Mariana used to paint her crib with her poop right??


I am really sick of being sick and tired! I wake up and think about taking a nap then when I do get to take a nap and wake up from that I think about how soon I can go to bed! I know I know this is pregnancy and it will pass but seriously I feel like it is taking tooooooo long to pass this part of it all.

Today we are going to Westview Orchards they are having a family fun day where everything is free. And if you know Westview they can be very expensive so this is a treat! We are picking my mom up and she is going with us this afternoon. The kids are very excited as I am since it will pass the day until I can go to bed lol!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Just looking back!!

Jordan but OH MY do I look like I just gave birth lol!!
This is Mariana our miracle baby
First time seeing Sammy
A couple days old Salvatore Joseph
I can not believe that we are going to have another one!!!

Backyard Surprise (pics 3 of 3)

The beginning of the surprise!
A couple hours in!!

5:30 pm
Around 7:30
14 hours later

The finished product
They were very Surprised!!
All three of them on the picnic table!!

Jordan's 7th Birthday (pics 2 of 3)

Jordan opening her webkins

She loved her Razor Scooter

Has been wanting a new kite and she got it from Aunt Becky

Blowing our her candles I can not believe she is 7 years old!!
Mariana wanted some attention too! Middle child syndrome

Pictures 1 of 3

It has been a long time since I have posted some pics so here are a couple hundred lol! Enjoy!!

Sammy on stage Mariana waiting for her turn to sing!!

Mariana and her diploma Jordan and Mariana waiting for the program to start

Jordan jumping on Uncle John's trampoline
Sammy at My Uncle Johns
Jordan's field trip to the Zoo

Our group by the Zoo fountain
Jordan waiting in line.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Can I blame it on the hormones??

I am in a really bad B****Y mood! Like nothing is going to make it better. I spent the day outside with the kids which was lots of fun we took a walk and then they played in the back yard all day but for some reason I am letting some stuff bother me. One is that I just found out some stuff about a situation that I thought I was past and now I am just back to angry again.
This situation happened a while back and I wanted so bad to be off the hook for some things that I know I did not do and that those involved know I did not do but I felt that at the time I did not need to let everything out to prove that I was not wrong. Now things are coming up in me again that I wish I could just go to those people and let it all out.
But really what would that prove?
They already know that they were in the wrong and so do I.
So why am I dwelling on this again?
I know I am not perfect but I have always believed what goes around comes around so why can't it come around to them now in my timing lol???
I know that that is not a nice way to look at things and I am not saying I am wishing ill on others but just that they way they handled things will be found out.
Or maybe just an apology would be nice?
Maybe I just need to give it back to God and know that he will handle it all one day...........easier said than done though!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Have to spill the beans

I hate to keep in secrets (about myself) I have such a hard time almost to the point that I feel like I am lying or just feel heavy. So I had to take a break because a couple of weeks ago we found out that we are ...................PREGNANT!! I know I know we are crazy fools that are very fertile!! We are over the shock of it all and very excited so are asking anyone who may have anything negative to think or say to keep it to themselves please.

At first I was pretty upset since I am not working now how would this work and since I could not get a hold of anyone I starting praying (shouldn't that be first) and I felt God reminding me that he is always with us and he got us through being pregnant with Sammy while separated for a few months a living in a two bedroom trailer. He has provided for us so many times when we were not sure how to make it.

Just the other day Nathan's dealership got the "your safe" letter which is God providing for us right now! We are finally good right now and I know that he will continue to provide everything we need.

My first appointment is on the 9th but I am positive I am pretty close to three months along and have this weird feeling it could be twins! Could be totally wrong and I hope I am but it is all in God's hands. I have been really sick from 5 am til around midnight so please keep me in your prayers since I also have to chase after the little two year old who gets into everything!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I know I know

So I said I was going to take a little break but that is like someone telling me I can not talk and if you know me well that is impossible lol!! I have gone longer than this without posting but that was not consciously and well this is and it is really hard. A lot is going on and keeping us really busy so soon I will reveal it all to you guys :)!!! Have a great week all!

P.s. Pray for my husband this weekend he is putting a swing set together and though I know he can do it I know that there will many words coming from the backyard that I will not be able to repeat lol!!