Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Living out Loud

 I often wonder how people get through difficult times with out God? How do you find peace or hope? God has been putting on my heart since January when Nathan went into Rehab that there are so many people that suffer in silence because they LOVE an addict. You don't want to be judged, you feel shame (for yourself and the user), and so many other feelings. The shame is the worst because it keeps you from finding freedom especially in Christ. God created us to be in community with others and that means being real. I often say that I struggle with judging those that judge because it makes me so angry! I have sat in parking lots at NA meetings seeing how many people are there and all I can do is pray for them and their families and think about how many people are suffering in silence. I am not exactly sure what God has planned but I know that he is going to use what has happened in my past to help others and for me to also be encouraged by those that I meet. I have established really amazing bonds with other women who are going through exactly what I am and I am thankful that God has placed them all in my life. On a daily basis I seek God and his plan for our life and although things are not glamorous I know that God is in it. I have faith and hope that "this too shall pass...". I am waiting on a book to arrive and I am so excited to read it and use it for whatever God wants. I just know that I am choosing to continue to live my life out loud not allowing anything or anyone to stop me from spreading what God has done in our life. This is the life God planned for me and it is GOOD TO BE ALIVE.....

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